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Ancient Castle (Moon) is a battlefield location in Onimusha: Blade Warriors.

Level Description

Abandoned castle. It stands bathed in the pale light of the moon.

Story-Mode Dialog

Kotaro's Story-Mode

Grunt (1): "Hey, have you heard? I hear there's a warrior who can absorb the power of those demon monsters with a gauntlet on his right hand."
Grunt (2): "Whoa...there's some powerful guys in this world, huh?"
Grunt (1): "You got that right. Makes ya wanna quit bein' a soldier..."
Kotarō: "Hmm, just like Jūbei? Very interesting. I should look into this."

Magoichi's Story-Mode

Magoichi: "Ah, very impressive. I am in the way, perhaps..."
Kaede: "Not at all, thank you. I am Kaede. And you?"
Magoichi: "Magoichi Saiga, at your service. That kodachi you are carrying, I haven't seen one like that before."
Kaede: "Do you see?"
Magoichi: "I can sense something. That blade...it glows with some kind of special force."
Kaede: "This kodachi holds the power of the Oni within it. Or maybe you don't believe in that kind of thing."
Magoichi: "Oni power? You know about that?"
Kaede: "Of course. I am fighting alongside the warrior with the gauntlet."
Magoichi: "Is that right?! I'm also helping someone who has the power of the Oni. So that kodachi as Oni power too? I'm really starting to look forward to getting to that Oni Island. This is my duty. Leave this to me -you, get out of here."

Kaede's Story-Mode

Kaede: "Samanosuke, it's as we expected, Nobunaga is using the power of the demons to grow more powerful."
Samanosuke: "I see."
Kaede: "What are we going to do Samanosuke?"
Samanosuke: "We must fight back of course! Whatever it takes to stop him."
Kaede: "Oh..."
Samanosuke: "Don't worry, Kaede. I don't die easily."
Kaede: "...Be careful..."