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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 30 April 2021

sergio reyes ledesma and it is the idea that ibuki has a costume of (AKANE YAGYU) onimusha

I invented the idea that ibuki's (AKANE YAGYU) costume I invented that on a site called capcom unity in the street fighter ex forums and the topic is called What double-breasted suits would you like to see? where they create ideas of the street fighter v suits I said in ex forum capcom unity in the street fighter forums What crossover suits would you like to see?

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Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

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Street fighter x mega man

The classic game Onimusha is coming

Onimusha Costumes

. Jhon reno little bird costume

. ibuki akane yagyo costume

. Ken costume samanosuke

. G roberto frois costume

Super all fan street fighter

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 22 October 2020

Tenkai Nankōbō

"We should put an end to this madness...for Kaede."

A mysterious monk named Tenkai Nankōbō now resides at the ruins of the temple on Mt. Hiei. Tenkai wears red armour, a large jade necklace, and on occasion a red mask, for which he is also referred to as the 'Red Demon'. He has grey hair but seems youthful despite admitting that he has lived so long he has forgotten his age. Tenkai's companion is Arin, a girl with mysterious powers with a nun-like quality.

Sensing an air of evil starting to spread across the land, he eventually discovers Hideyoshi Toyotomi's bold and insidious scheme, and sets out on a journey to find the person that possesses the power of the Oni to help him bring Hideyoshi down. This turns out to be a yo…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 17 August 2020

Bishamon Ocarina

"This ocarina will help to awaken a sword..." - Item description

The Bishamon Ocarina (毘沙門の笛, Bishamon no fue; lit. Bishamon's flute) is an optional item from Onimusha: Warlords. It can be found of the final floor of the Dark Realm, and once Marcellus is beaten for the last time, it can be taken to a room with a door made of claws. Using the ocarina here unlocks said room, which contains the Bishamon Sword.

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