Acquired: Episode 2: THE BATTLE FOR IGA Equipment: Spears, Armor Skills: + Dodge - Increase multiple allies' evasive power (8 SP) + Recover Health - Return 1 ally's condition to normal (14 SP

Bomaru is fairly average overall. He's a spear user, thus giving him greater range. However, his special abilities, albeit useful in some instances, aren't really too effective. You'll be hard-pressed to find too many opportunities to use Dodge, which increases the evasion of a group of units. After all, even with evasion increased, there's no way to guarantee that the enemy will miss. Plus, most enemy skills are incapable of missing anyway.

Recover Health can substitute for Care Medicines in that it heals status ailments. However, with Bomaru's horrid SP growth, it's not even worth having Bomaru in battle just to use it because he'll only be able to cast it a few times.

Bomaru isn't a bad character. He has high attack and a solid defense growth. It's just that he's significantly overshadowed by some of the other spear-wielders (Ekei, for example). And as a strategic unit, he is next to useless.