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Claudius the Chancellor is the first member of the Genma Triumpvirate, and is a character and boss enemy encountered in Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. He also seems to be the leader of the triumpvirate, as Rosencrantz calls him Lord Claudius.


Claudius was another devoted servant to the God of Light, Fortinbras. He was charged with bringing law and order to the Genma. At the same time he was also a superb tactician and General, leading the genma armies into battle and planning out various schemes. He may also have been a grand architect. When the great war came between the God of Darkness and the God of Light, Claudius was defeated and banished along with Fortinbras to the netherworld.

Claudius in Dawn of Dreams

In Dawn of Dreams, Claudius makes a pact with Mitsunari Ishida, Hideyoshi Toyotomi's retainer and heir. While researching the Genma along with Luis, Mitsunari seems to become increasingly obsessed with them and thier incredible power. One of his test subjects was actually Claudius who he seals the deal with. Mitsunari willingly lets Claudius take over his body, in exchange for his powers. Mitsunari is not fully possessed by Claudius, though, and he is still given the freedom of his own mind willingly.

As events unfold in the game, however, Claudius slowly begins to consume not only his body but his soul as well. It seems that Claudius got fed up of Mitsunari at some point and consumed his subconcious entirely. He is eventually freed from Claudius completely when Sakon Shima, Mitsunari's bodygaurd and retainer plunges his spear into his master’s chest at the Shimabara Facility. Claudius reveals himself in his true form. He is a giant Genma Gigapede, capable of spiting a toxic acid and moving at great speeds. When he is destroyed by Hideyasu Yūki in the blast from the last of the dark stones, he is revived by the essence from the omen star at Osaka Castle. Claudius is finally killed for good by Tenkai Nankobo.