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Fortinbras (フォーティンブラス), also referred to as the "God of Light", was the king and most powerful of all Genma. He appears as the main antagonist and final boss in Onimusha: Warlords and Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams.


In Onimusha: Warlords and in the files of Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny, Fortinbras is depicted as a giant white dragon-like naga with red wings and two long, curved horns. He has 3 eyes, usually yellow but sometimes glowing red; the third eye is on his forehead and usually kept shut.

In Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams his Genma form is more muscular. Fortinbras is frequently seen in human form as a man with blond hair, a white suit and a yellow pocket watch. He constantly glances at the pocket watch, as if waiting for the time of his resurrection. Near the start of the game, Hideyasu Yūki sees a vision of Fortinbras which none of the others see.



At the beginning of Earth, Fortinbras was born in the chaos. In time he created the Genma to thrive and do as they please, and created the human race to be slaves and fodder for the Genma. After a millenium or so had passed, the Oni intervened on humanity's behalf, fighting a millennia-long battle. Fortinbras's physical form was destroyed and his spirit sealed with a star that traveled to the netherworld.

The Oni forced the remaining Genma to accept a truce and allow humans to thrive and flourish. The terms of the truce also allowed the Genma to demand regular human sacrifices. However, having become technologically advanced through the Genmas' indirect actions, humans eventually became autonomous and fought the Genma, ending the ceasefire.

Onimusha: Warlords

Fortinbras King of the Genma World

When Oda Nobunaga suffered a fatal injury during the Battle of Okehazama, Fortinbras saw potential in the man's cruelty and enlisted his minion to revive the warlord and have him join as a general of his genma army. Managing to return, yet in a weakened state, Fortinbras orchestrated the ritualistic sacrifice of Yuki so her blood could empower his demonic general.

Samanosuke Akechi interfered and defeated Fortinbras, freeing Yuki and Yumemaru for Kaede and facilitating their escape. Fortinbras regained consciousness and grabbed Samanosuke, and the latter's friends were forced to leave him to die. However the event allowed Samanosuke to assume his Oni form, and he unconsciously killed Fortinbras. This left a power vacuum in the Genma hierarchy before Nobunaga assumed command over the his former benefactor's legions.

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

In Dawn of Dreams, Fortinbras spiritually projects his human form to oversee Soki's journey. The 'Omen Star' in which the Fortinbras's soul had been imprisoned is summoned and drawn to Earth by the Genma Triumvirate. Soki and his allies attempt to prevent Fortinbras's return, believing that the deity plans to use Hideyoshi Toyotomi as a vessel. It is then revealed that the embryonic Genma Seed was placed in the regent's body, and Fortinbras's resurrection is completed by Munenori Yagyū.

Despite having been defeated by Soki in his Ultimate Onimusha form, Fortinbras emerges in his human form. Displaying his full godly powers, Fortinbras offers to spare Soki's group if they bow before him. Soki refuses and manages to kill Fortinbras.


  • Several of the enemies' names (Guildenstern, Rosencrantz, Reynaldo, Osric, Marcellus, Hecuba, and Fortinbras) come from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Other historical figures mentioned in the games are Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Saitō Yoshitatsu, and Imagawa Yoshimoto.


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