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Ginghamphatts is a giant, semi-arachnid genma who serves under Genma Lord Nobunaga Oda.

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

During his first battle with Jūbei Yagyū — which he loses — he wields a giant pick axe. He swears revenge on Jubei for the humiliation of being defeated by a mere mortal and faces him again in the forest, this time wielding a giant axe.

Jubei defeats him again and they do battle for a third and final time in the demon base tower. Ginghamphatts is vanquished for good in this battle by falling to his death, in which he wields a giant hammer. Ginghamphatts and Jujudormah bear enmity to each other, and race to see who will kill Jubei Yagyu first. He is also the one who killed Kotaro Fūma and who saved Oyu. In rage, Jubei relentlessly strikes him down during their third time in battle. If Magoichi is with Jubei, he will kill Ginghamphatts with his new weapon, Kuni Kuzushi.