The self-proclaimed "Greatest Swordsman of all the Demons", he says his title whenever he mentions his name. Gogandantess has a human appearance, which is unusual for most Genma in the series. Skilled with the Oni Slayer, a two-handed sword, he also uses throwing daggers and a magical shield that protects him from harm and sees Jubei Yagyu as his rival and challenges him to a duel three times.

Jubei has to use a Sacred Flute in order to disable the spell and defeat Gogandantess and gain a sacred orb in the final duel. Despite being a Genma it is obvious that Gogandantess has a very strong sense of chivalry and honor, even going as so far as to rescue Oyu from certain death. He also gains respect for Jubei and is impressed with how he had grown since their first battle at Gifu Castle.


  • One of the scrolls found in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny indicates that Gogandantess was one of the demons that wiped out the Oni Clan at the Oni's Sacred Place. It states that, "A young swordsman of the demons and three evil soldiers ventured into the Sacred Place and destroyed all of them (Oni)".