Acquired: After Episode 6: THE RIVER KIZU KABUKIMAN Equipment: Swords, Armor Skills: + Strongman Mode - Increases 1 ally's attack power (8 SP) + Paralyze - Technique for attacking 1 enemy with paralysis (15 SP)

The River Kizu Kabukiman is a terrific character. He boasts very high attack and HP, so he can knock down enemies with relative ease. For a good portion of the game, Kabuki merits use in many battles with his excellent abilities and stats.

Strongman Mode, for it's low SP cost, should see a lot of use - cast it on a unit to increase attacking power. Paralyze should be used sparingly due to its higher SP cost. Kabuki, unfortunately, isn't fitted with a great SP growth. Even so, Paralyze is useful as a strategic tool to disable a particular unit.