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Keijiro Maeda (前田慶次郎), formerly known as Yumemaru, who was orphaned at a very early age.

Onimusha: Warlords


Yumemaru was born in the village of Arako in a farming family. After his parents were killed during a battle, Yumemaru was brought into the Saito Clan under the care of Princess Yuki and became like a brother to her. When the Genma conquer Inabayama Castle, they planned to murder Yumemaru in front of Princess Yuki so her sorrow would make her blood more potent when she is sacrificed to give Nobunaga Oda the power to wipe out the Saito Clan.

But Samanosuke was able to put a stop to this wicked plan and rescues Princess Yuki and Yumemaru with Kaede, right before he was grabbed by Fortinbras. Fortunately, Yumemaru, Kaede, and Princess Yuki were able escape in time while he was clenched in Fortinbras's grasp. Afterwords, Yumemaru decides to take Samanoske on his advice and accompany Yuki as she decides to leave in a ship to see the West.

Onimusha: Blade Warriors

10 years later Yumemaru then appears in Onimusha: Blade Warriors in the Mist Valley where he runs into Kaede, as a 22-year-old wandering warrior known as Keijiro Maeda. He possesses a kind and gentle heart as well as a desire to help his friends and a strong will to fight the Genma. He learns why Samanosuke left after the events of Warlords in the Bamboo Forest.