Acquired: After Episode 10: HUMAN OR GENMA? Equipment: Axes, Armor Skills: + Stupid Mode - Reduce 1 enemy's evasive power (8 SP). + Head Butt - Send 1 enemy flying in the air (10 SP).

Kotetsu is a fantastic tank character. His HP growth is extremely high. Likewise, his high attack growth makes him a force to be reckoned with. With a good axe in his hands, he can deal heavy damage to enemies without taking too much himself. For that reason, Kotetsu makes a great frontrunner to soak up the damage from enemy attacks.

Kotetsu's skills however, aren't particularly useful. Stupid Mode is next to useless though. Most enemies don't have amazingly high evasive stats that you actually need to lower them just to be able to hit them. Head Butt's driving factor is its ability to push its target back one square, making it strategically helpful in some cases such as when you need to open up holes for your comrades to travel through. Kotetsu is better off just Hulk-smashing things with his axe regardless.