Michelle Aubert

Normal 9~1

Full name

Michelle Aubert is a lieutenant in the French Army and controlling a squad at the time of Onimusha 3: Demon Siege. She is engaged to Jacques Blanc throughout the game but her stepson-to-be doesn't think much of her. Michelle tries to protect Henri when he gets into danger. When she first meets Samanosuke, she tries to shoot him and the fact they use different languages means that Michelle was skeptical about what side he was on first.


  • Michelle is the only playable character in most of the game that uses firearms and rifles as her weapons of choice, although Jacques has his P90 before acquiring his Oni Whip.
  • She starts with the FAMAS Assault Rifle for taking targets from range, and a shotgun for enemies up close, along with a small supply of hand grenades for softening groups of genma enemies.