The front cover of Onimisha: Twilight of Desire

Onimusha: Twilight of Desire is a manga story based on the popular Capcom videogame series Onimusha; Twilight of Desire fills in more of backstory of this rich world and its characters. In this all-new chapter, Samanosuke clashes blades with Toyotomi Hidetsugu, nephew of the villainous Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Plus, learn more about how Hideyoshi came to utilize the dangerous Genma Power.


Product Info

Publisher : UDON
Rated : OT for Older Teen 16+
Story and Art by Takeshi Yaguchi
Format : Black & White
Size : Approx. 5.75" X 8.25"
Page : 200
Release Date : 05/30/08

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