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Sakon Shima.

Sakon Shima was a loyal retainer to Mitsunari Ishida, and thus was also a part of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's army.

Around the same time that his master Mitsunari was taken over by the Genma Claudius, Sakon was brainwashed with a mask by the Genma Ophelia into antagonizing the Oni, after which he was used as a puppet by the Genma. Under their influence, Sakon was confronted by the Oni warriors Hideyasu "Soki" Yūki and Tenkai Nankobo, who managed to defeat him and destroy Ophelia's mask.

With his mind back in his own control, Sakon later helped Soki and his company by stabbing his master Mitsunari in the chest freeing him, forcing Claudius to reveal his true form. Afterwards, he told his new allies to head to Nagoya Castle in Kyoto to stop Hideyoshi, who was also under the influence of the Genma.