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Takajo (高女) is the first person Jūbei Yagyū meets after the destruction of Yagyu Village, and appears to be the sole survivor. By her appearance, she appears to be a demon, but is really a descendent of the Oni Clan, who was wiped out by the demons. She is the one who grants Jubei his power to absorb Genma souls, and is the one to reveal that Nobunaga Oda is the one who destroyed Jubei's village.

Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny

After giving Jubei instructions on what he must do to defeat Nobunaga, she then reveals that she is his mother, by calling him her son. In the middle of the game, she is killed by Jujudormah. As Jubei holds her in his arms, she reveals she wanted to talk with him much more, and then dies, leaving behind a ring, which Jubei must use to chase after Jujudormah. It is revealed that Takajo met Jubei's father one day, while he was training. They then fell in love with each other, and soon, had Jubei.

Takajo is seen once more in the middle of the game as a spirit, when controlling Oyu. She thanks Oyu for saving Jubei after he had been wounded by Gogandantess. She then tells Oyu to find the Sacred Flute, which Jubei can use to defeat Gogandantess.


  • When Takajo died, her body dispersed into balls of light. It is possible that this is shared wih all Oni upon death, as Marcellus' body dispersed in a similar way after his second death at the hands of Samanosuke in Onimusha: Warlords.