Acquired: Episode 3: THE YOUNG CHIEF OF SAIGA Equipment: Ninjutsu, Ninjawear Skills: + Strike Thunder - Thunder attack on distant multiple enemies (12 SP) + Lightning Flash - Thunder attack on distant multiple enemies (25 SP)

Tsubame is quick, agile, and versatile. Her ability to wield either close-combat ninja swords or ranged throwing knives gives you the opportunity to pick a different weapon to suit different scenarios.

Not only is Tsubame effective in conventional combat, but her skills are also powerful. She has above-average intelligence growth, making her great for casting spells from a distance. Strike Thunder can deal damage to a group of five units and Lightning Flash can hit up to 13 units grouped together (as if you'll ever actually face 13 enemies at once, but it's assuring to know that you have the ability to). Combine that with her high movement stat and you have quite a formidable unit on your team.

As stronger ninja units enter your party though, Tsubame becomes overshadowed. However, her high movement stat will always be useful in certain battles where you can exploit her lightning magic.