Acquired: Episode 11: STRIPTEASE AT HIMEJI CASTLE Equipment: Bows, Armor Skills: + Arrow of Wind - Wind attack on a single enemy (16 SP) + Phoenix Arrow - Fire attack on a single enemy (16 SP)

Yoichi excels in intelligence growth and he boasts the strongest (barely) overall attack of any bow-wielder. However, compared to other units, Yoichi's attack pales. Range is certainly an advantage, but as a bow-wielder, Yoichi is too weak to really be too effective. Not only that, but he doesn't have any strategic value (apart from his ability to deal puny damage from a range).

Arrow of Wind and Phoenix Arrow are both ranged skills that can deal elemental damage (wind and fire, respectively). With Yoichi's above-average SP growth, you're allowed plenty of opportunities to fire these off. However, both abilities aren't particularly powerful and to further add insult to injury, can only deal damage to a single target.

Overall, Yoichi doesn't have too much running for him. His stat growth is average to slightly above-average at best. But really, it isn't Yoichi's fault that all of the bow users in the game are only mediocre characters.