Zero is a guest character hailing from the Mega Man series by Capcom as an unlockable character in Onimusha Blade Warriors. He appears modeled after his Mega Man Zero design.


Zero debuted in the first Mega Man X as the titular character's partner as part of a guild known as the Maverick Hunters, Reploids banded together to fight back the impeding threat of Mavericks, Reploids who have broken the Law of Robotics and cause havoc. Zero was Dr. Wily's final creation originally created to destroy Mega Man, designed to be the strongest robot on the planet. He wields a powerful energy melee weapon called the Z-Saber and at times, the Z-Buster, a stronger modeled of X's own X-Buster. He later gains his own series in Mega Man Zero, taking place a century after the X series where he alone with support of the Resistance fights off against new Maverick threats and segregation between Humans and Reploids.